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Stock Market Courses

Stock Market Training Courses

‘Step by Step’ Stock Market Courses and Option Trading Courses online 24/7. Ongoing Support and Live webinars.

Learn in your own pace and time!

Learn to Trade Stocks

Practice Trading Stocks & Options

We give you a $1,000,000 simulated trading account. This allows you to practice trading stocks and options online.

Risk Free investing for you!

Learn to Trade Stocks

Profit from Option Trading

And the best part….Take our Option Trader Challenge. Trade your simulated account and earn real cash every qtr.

No capital required!
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Our Way

At Share Navigator we believe in keeping things simple and giving our members a Risk Free, Real Life learning experience. Our stock market training is organised in levels… to suit the novice investor and the advanced trader.

Our training is delivered in 3 ways:

Easy to understand stock market training courses available 24/7. Video, PDF, Quizzes and more

Easy to understand online courses available 24/7. Video, PDF, Quizzes and more

Weekly ‘Live’ Web Training which is also recorded for our members

Weekly ‘Live’ Web Training which is also recorded for our members

Monthly ‘Live’ seminars which are also broadcast via the web

Monthly ‘Live’ seminars which are also broadcast via the web


Our Stock trades have an average annual return of 25%

(That’s 15% above the market average)


82% of our Option Trades are profitable

(High Probability Option Trading)

Average profit per Month on Option Trades

(11 option trades per month on average)

See what our members think of Share Navigator

Members of Share Navigator come from all walks of life. Some of which are achieving amazing results. But don’t take our word for it…… watch and listen to the videos of just some of our members and see what they think of us.

Real people, making real trades and getting real results!


Dave O'Neill - June 2016

I made 14.9% profit in 3 months during my Option Trading Challenge with Share Navigator. Now I have a structured approach to investing. I cannot say enough good things about the guys in Share Navigator. They are the real deal.

Monica Tuite - July 2016

I made a whopping 11.7% in my trading portfolio from Apr to Jun 2016. Very happy with those results.

Tom Hanley - May 2016

Thank you Share Navigator for sharing your extensive knowledge of stock markets. You have given me a safe environment to learn about the stock market. I really appreciate your support and training.



Frank Kavanagh - July 2016

I started trading the Trading Challenge in April 2016 and made a 12% return in 3 months. Great training.


Brian Lawless - June 2016

I took part in an Option Trading challenge with Share Navigator and made a 9.1% profit in 3 months.

Eva Rodriguez - April 2016

About 3 years ago i did the mentoring programme with share Navigator. It was unbelievable. Amazing!