Option Trader Mentoring

93% of our Option Trades are profitable!

  • Profit from bull, bear and sideways trending stocks
  • Generate monthly income 
  • High Probability Trades
  • Trade with a fraction of the risk

…… All with the power of Call and Put Options! 

Option Trading Club

Why should you consider Mentoring?

Results! 93% of our trades are profitable. Average portfolio achieves a return of 25.2% per annum! 

Monthly Income: Learn how to generate a monthly income and at the same time redue risk. 

No Profit No Fee: If you do not make a profit in your portfolio you do not pay any fees!

The Power of Options: Profit from any market condition..bull, bear or sideways. The key is knowing what option strategy to apply to each market condition.  


5 Steps to Successful Option Trading

Step 1: Investor Profiling

We learn more about you and your investment goals. This directs us to the appropriate option strategies for you. 

Step 2: Mentoring

We deliver regular ‘one to one’ online training explaining the options strategy to you. Backed up with 24/7 online courses. 

Step 3: Profitable Option Trades

We give you our option trades immediately which will start generating income from day 1! No guess work! Generate profits while you learn!  

Step 4: Portfolio Monitoring

We also monitor your portfolio with you. This allows us to act quickly when opportunities arise. This is when the real learning begins … how to manage existing trades. 

Step 5: Daily Support

Your mentor is always on hand to help. We are just a Live Chat or Phone Call away from 9 am to 9 pm Mon – Fri GMT. 

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Free 30min Mentoring Session

We only accept 5 people on this programme each month!


We promise to add value during your free mentoring session. Everybody is different with different levels of experience …we will cover whatever is relevant to you such as:

  1. High Probability Option Trades: How to put the odds of success in your favour…93% of these types of trades are profitable!
  2. Income Generation: How to use Options to generate monthly income
  3. Online Trading: How to trade options using an online trading platform
  4. Manage Risk: How to reduce risk and maximise returns with the power of options
  5. Stock Repair: How to repair losing stock positions with options!