Generate monthly Income

From shares that you already own!


Did you know that you can generate Extra monthly income from your shares?

Yes it’s true and it is easy to do. Here are some recent examples of people that we have helped:

Example 1:

Pat owns 800 shares of Ryanair floated on the Nasdaq which were trading at $74.23. Pat contacted us as he felt the shares were pretty much trading sideways and he wasn’t making any capital gains from them.

We showed him how to generate $1,600 a month from his Ryanair shares. Effectively, Pat got paid $2.00 per share every month! He also reduced his risk by $2 per share for owning the stock! Pat continues to follow this process each month.

Example 2:

Jenny worked for Microsoft and benefitted from stock options throughout the years. She owns 500 shares which were trading at $117.66. Jenny felt that the shares had reached a top and would like to start generating some income from them.

We showed Jenny $2.85 or $1,425 income each month from her shares. Jenny effectively reduced her risk in the stock by $2.85 per share and is continuing to generate monthly income.

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