Who are Share Navigator?

Share Navigator are based in Dublin City University (DCU) Ireland and focus on teaching people how to trade stocks and options in a real-time, real-world, risk-free simulated trading environment. We focus heavily in the art of risk measurement and risk management. 

How do I register?

Start with a FREE Trial. No Credit Card required. Click Here to register for your FREE Trial.

Can I get a FREE TRIAL?

Yes. Click Here to register for a FREE Trial.

I would like to start a trading competition with my friends/colleagues. Can you help me?

Yes we have run trading competitions for large companies such as Bank of Ireland, small investment clubs and groups. This is a great way to promote your business or simply have a bit of fun with some friends.

This is how it works:

  1. We setup a dedicated web page for your competition with registration facilities. We can brand the webpage for you (if required).
  2. We provide each member with a ‘simulated trading’ account with real-time pricing funded with $1,000,000 of virtual capital.
  3. Each participant trades the global financial markets including stocks, options, bonds, FX, futures.
  4. We provide a leaderboard and results table.
  5. You decide what the prize fund is ‘If Any’.
  6. You decide how long the competition will last for.
  7. We can promote the competition on your behalf if you wish.

We charge on a ‘per head’ basis for each competition. Prices depend on competition timeframe, number of participants, instruments to be traded and promotional activity.

Click Here to see an example of a competition we ran for Bank of Ireland.

Please contact us to find out more information.

Do I get a personal simulated trading account?

Yes. Every ‘subscribing’ member gets a simulated trading account. This allows you to practice in a real-time, real-world, risk-free environment. You can build investment portfolios and track their daily performance. The platform is similar to those used by professional traders.

Note: If you take a Free trial you will only have ‘generic’ access to a trading account.

Click here to watch a preview

What can I trade in the simulated account?

You can trade stocks, options, currencies, futures, bonds, etf’s.

Click Here to watch a preview

Do you provide training?

Yes. Training is included in your registration fee. It is delivered in the following ways:

  • Initial ‘Get started’ training session: We show you around the trading platform and will have you trading ‘Live’ by the end of this session.
  • 24/7 Online courses: Available 24/7 that can be completed in your own pace and time. You can learn stocks and options strategies. From passive investing to active trading!
  • Weekly Recorded Training: Every week we send direct to your phone our weekly training tip recorded videos. These are freshly recorded to reflect the current market conditions. This is what we call ‘real time training. We discuss the movements in global equities, bonds, currencies and option trades.
  • Stock Tips: We trade the markets for real and share our trades with our members, explaining our logic behind each investment. This is a great way for you to learn.
  • Support: Live Chat, Phone and email support Mon – Fri from 9 am to 9 pm GMT.

CLICK HERE to watch a preview.

Do you provide up to date analysis of market conditions?

Yes. In addition to our online courses, each week we send out video recordings discussing current market conditions, stock news and stocks to watch out for.

How have the Stock Tips performed?

For 2016, the average return on investment for our stock tips was 19.26%.

Click Here to see an example.

How have the Option trades performed?

We trade a real life $15,000 account and share all of our trades with our members. For 2016, the option trades increased the value of this portfolio by 26.07%.

Click Here to see an example.

Do you have testimonials - how have other members done?

Yes. Click Here to view just some of our members.

What Support do you provide?

Our customers continuously tell us that our support is simply the best available. If you have a question, any question, no matter how basic or advanced you contact us in several ways from 9 am to 9 pm GMT Mon -Fri:

  1. you can call us,
  2. chat with us via live chat
  3. emails us
  4. join our chat rooms

One of our team will be happy to help. We can even setup web demo within minutes.

I am a Total Beginner…Is this for me?

Yes. Our training caters for the Total Beginner right through to the advanced investor. As our training is available 24/7 you can develop your skills in your own pace and time.

I am an Advanced Trader is this for me?

Yes. We teach Advanced Stock & Option Trading strategies teaching you how to generate higher returns with less risk.

What’s the difference between Options and Stocks

When you invest in a company you buy the shares of the company on an exchange and take a small ownership of that company. When you own shares you are entitled to vote, receive dividends and sell those shares if you wish. People who invest in stocks are generally happy to build a portfolio over time and benefit when the company continuously increases their profits.
Membership to Share Navigator allows you to:

  • Learn how to find quality stocks at the right price – online courses available 24/7
  • Stock Alerts direct to your phone – you will see what stocks we buy, what prices we buy them at and what price we intend selling them at
  • Practice Trading Risk Free in you personal simulated trading account
  • Weekly Stock Trader webinars – Live training from the comfort of your own home
  • Stock Trader daily chat room

Options derive their value from stocks and trade like stocks on exchanges. Options give investors ‘Rights’ to buy or sell shares at some date in the future at agreed prices. Prices on options are a fraction of what it costs to buy or sell shares. Options offer investors flexible ways of reducing risk in their portfolio. Options can also be used for leverage (not recommended). At Share Navigator we use options to reduce risk and increase our chances of making a profit. Most of our option trades have at least an 80% chance of making a profit!

Membership to Share Navigator allows you:

  • Learn about High Probability Option Trading
  • Learn about repairing losing stock positions using Call Options
  • Option Trade Alerts to your phone – 80% of our trades are profitable
  • Weekly ‘Option Trader’ Webinar – totally focused on Option Trading
  • Option Trader daily chat room
What are the membership costs?

Start with a FREE 1 month trial. No Credit Card Required.

Thereafter membership starts from €49 per month and includes:

  1. Full training – courses are available 24/7 online. Includes access to seminars.
  2. Entry to the competition and eligible for the cash prizes
  3. A personal simulated trading account funded with $1,000,000 of capital to trade US equities and Options
  4. Access to the ‘get started’ training session
  5. Full Access to the Share Navigator website members area for the duration of the competition (Value €990!)
  6. Access the weekly ‘Live’ webinars and recordings
  7. Support Mon-Fri 9 am to 9 pm
I have more questions how do I contact you?

CHAT: Click on the message bubble on the right hand corner of the webpage and chat with one of our team.


CALL: + 353 1 8078883


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I would like my child to learn, can they participate?

Yes. We have a Young Investor Challenge for secondary school students. Please contact us via live chat to find out more info.

I am a third level student, is there a special rate for students?

Yes. There is a student rate. Please contact us for details.

Do you provide financial advice?

No. We are educators. We do share our trades with our membership. This is for educational purposes only and does not constitute advice. The purpose of sharing our trades is to show you the step by step selection process that we use to pick investments.

Click Here to see an example of our trades.

What is the FX Trade Off?

The FX Trade Off is a competition hosted by Bank of Ireland in association with Share Navigator. It is a 5 week FX trading competition for third level students. Click Here to find out more.