Fantasy Trading Competition

the best way for you to learn about trading stocks and options. Only €10 to enter!

Putting yourself into a real time, real world trading environment allows you to understand how the stock markets work without risking any of your own money.

See the Top 5 leaderboard for our latest competition. Results are as of close of business December 7th 2018. 

You get:

Simulated Trading Account

Access to a ‘real time’ personal simulated trading account including desktop and mobile APP. Trade stocks, options, FX, bonds, commodities and much more….

Monthly Trading Competition

Entry into our monthly trading competition with cash prizes.

Stock market training courses

Participants in the Fantasy Trading Competition get Free access to all of our stock market training courses.

How the competition works:


Entry Fee is just €10 per month!


€500 cash prize for top trader every month!


Each competitor is given a simulated trading account with $1,000,000 of virtual money.


Competitors can trade Stocks, FX, Options, Futures, Commodities in a real time, real life trading environment.


Each competition lasts for 1 month starting on the 1st of each month and ending on the last day of the month.


The competitor with the highest return on Investment wins.


**As of close of business December 7th 2018

Important Note:

You can check the performance of your portfolio during the fantasy trading competition by pulling down a report. Make sure you pull down the report from the first trading day of the month! Click Here to watch a video showing you how to do it on the mobile app. 

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Cost of entry is just €10. This is a recurring monthly subscription that can be cancelled at anytime.

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