Fantasy Trading Competition

the best way for you to learn about trading stocks and options. 

Put yourself into a real time, real world trading environment. This allows you to understand how the stock markets work without risking any of your own money.

Please note that we are working with our sponsors to provide an even better trading competition for 2020. Stay tuned!


The winner of the Jun to Aug 2019 competition and €1,000 is Antriksh Panwar. Congratulations on achieving such an incredible return on investment. We are currently working with our sponsors to provide bigger prizes for 2020. So stay tuned and keep doing our courses …. they are free!  

You get:

Simulated Trading Account

Access to a ‘real time’ personal simulated trading account including desktop and mobile APP. Trade stocks, options, FX, bonds, commodities and much more….

quarterly Trading Competition

Entry into our quarterly trading competition with cash prizes.

Stock market training courses

Participants in the Fantasy Trading Competition get Free access to all of our stock market training courses.

How the competition works:


Each competitor is given a simulated trading account with $1,000,000 of virtual money.


Competitors can trade Stocks, FX, Options, Futures, Commodities in a real time, real life trading environment.


Each competition lasts for 3 months!


The competitor with the highest return on Investment wins.


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