The first week of the December 2018 Fantasy Trading Competition are in. And what an exciting week it was. Darren Kavanagh is setting the pace with an incredible 11.02% return on investment in the first week. The volatile week in FX markets has proven very profitable for Darren.

Here is the top 5 leaderboard for the week ending Dec 7th 2018:

Fantasy Trading Competition

In the Fantasy Trading Competition the top trader at the end of each month wins €500! So get trading if you haven’t already started. If you are not in you can’t win!!

The fantasy trading competition allows you to trade the stocks, options, FX, commodities and more…. all in a simulated environment. We give you a simulated trading account funded with $1,000,000 and you can compete against other traders. The cost of entry is just €10 which includes:

  1. A simulated trading account which allows you to trade stocks, options, fx, commodities and more
  2. Entry to the monthly competition where you can win €500
  3. Access to our online stock and options trading courses . (18 courses in total)

The Fantasy Trading Competition is a great way fro you to learn about investing in the financial markets in a fun learning environment.

Click Here to join the competition.